Books by Linda Halpin

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Scrap Bonanza 2: 2-for-1 Quilts Published 2000

Scrap Bonanza 2 Cover

Expanding on the 2-for-1 concept introduced in Scrap Bonanza (c 1994), this book explores the many different quilts you can create with the 'flying geese' unit, constructing it in a method which results in cut-away pieces that are already sewn together, ready to be used for bonus quilts. Beginning with a 'fabric selection for scrap quilts' section, I chose to explore how many different ways you could play with the same 2-for-1 concept with the Flying Geese unit. The result is a collection of 6 main quilts, all totally different, ranging from wall hanging to queen size. including how many cut-aways each size will yield. The 'bonus quilt' section of the book includes patterns for seven different quilts that can all be made with those cut-aways, listing how many are needed for a wide range of sizes.

The combinations from these 13 quilts are endless, and the best part is that it doesn't look like you are making the same quilt over and over again. In conclusion, how to decide what quilting pattern goes where is discussed. This is a book I think you will go back to over and over again.

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Quilting with Laura: Patterns Inspired by the Little House on the Prairie Series Published 1999; Reprinted in 2015

Quilting With Laura Cover

Children and adults alike continue to be fascinated by the engaging tale of what life was like during the era in which Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up. This book is a charming collection of traditional quilt blocks that tell the story of Laura and her adventures. Whether joined into a sampler quilt, as shown on the book's cover, or made a quilt of an individual block, this book will take you on your own Little House adventure. Quilting with Laura includes blocks that are actually mentioned by Laura in her books as well as traditional blocks whose names reflect events of this pioneering time.

Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books were among my favorites as a child. Reading about Laura's adventures planted the seed that got me interested in quilting. When a Mom approached me years ago asking if there were patterns available that were inspired by the Little House series that she could use to teach her daughter how to quilt, I was off and running.

I began collecting patterns inspired by the Little House books, both patterns Laura wrote about and patterns whose names reflected the adventures of the Ingalls family. The book has been out out for a number of years now, and has proven to be very popular with moms, aunts, grandmothers, homeschoolers, girl scout leaders, you name it. It is a wonderful way for you to share your passion for quilting with the youngsters in your life.

Everything from what tools you need to how to make templates is included in this hand-piecing guide book. Each of the 14 patterns is accompanied by what links them to the Little House stories. It is the perfect companion to the Little House series, and a way to pass your love of quilting on to the next generation.

School teachers and youth group leaders find Quilting with Laura also makes an ideal teaching tool that dovetails with a wide range of subject areas.

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Patterns by Linda Halpin

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Pick-Up Sticks: Shop Hop 2015, Gatherings, Boscobel, WI


This year's fabrics were designed to blend beautifully with last year's fabrics, expanding their versatility. To me, they just begged for a scrappy treatment. Voila! Pick-Up Sticks! This is not paper pieced, but rather, constructed with some pretty nifty strip and triangle techniques. A sweet 29" x 29" square, this quilt works up quickly for that special spot in your home you have been wanting a wall hanging for.


And, because I couldn't help myself, I made a second version of the quilt that really dug into my stash of scraps. Lots and lots of colors combined to make this exuberant version of Pick-Up Sticks.

Both quilts are on display at Gatherings, where they have the pattern as well as kits for the shop hop quilt.

$7.00 plus $1.50 shipping


Prairie Sampler: Shop Hop 2015, Millhouse Quilts, Waunakee, WI


The folks at Millhouse Quilts are fully embracing the Wisconsin theme of the shop hop by paying tribute to Wisconsin-born Laura Ingalls Wilder. Millhouse asked me to design a quilt using blocks from my book Quilting With Laura, Patterns Inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie Series. While the book features hand piecing techniques in keeping with how Laura pieced her quilts, this quilt and the pattern that goes with it are done with machine piecing techniques. A charming 30" square, this quilt would make a lovely keepsake for any home.

$10.00 plus $1.50 shipping


Postcards: Shop Hop 2014, Gatherings, Boscobel, WI


This year's fabrics have a lovely antique feel, with design elements that scream Wisconsin. From the antique postcards of places around the State, to the postal stamp collage, these fabrics were a treat to work with.

Working to create a scrapbook feel, postcard motifs are fussy-cut to be the centerpieces of several of the blocks. The alternate blocks create an intriguing interlocking design that help to highlight the postcards. I have already made another quilt from the same pattern, using plain fabric in the postcard spot, where autographs will go. Or try it with photo transfers. Or embroidered blocks. Or I Spy designs. Let your imagination be your guide!

The pattern also includes information on how to make the quilt any size you want, be it for a twin bed, a full bed, or a queen bed. Now that's versatile!

$7.00 plus $1.50 shipping


Spot On: Shop Hop 2013, Gatherings, Boscobel, WI


This year's fabrics featured circle prints just begged for something happy and bouncy! Curves, which can be tricky to piece, are done in a whole new way! There is not one single curved pieced seam in this quilt. Try my revolutionary way to create curves that can be done in half the time of traditional piecing and is much more accurate! Give it a try. I think you will love my new method for doing curves as much as I do!

$7.00 plus $1.50 shipping


Gatherings: pattern commissioned for the 2012 Wisconsin Statewide Shop Hop


Gatherings, the Country Decor and Fabric shop here in Boscobel, WI, commissioned me to design a wallhanging pattern using the fabrics Moda designed especially for the statewide shop hop. I had such fun designing it that I made it in two versions, one with the Wisconsin fabrics, and one with some wonderful bright pastels! Both will be on display at Gatherings, where they will offer the pattern, as well as quilt kits.

The Wisconsin Travels version of Gatherings features the Wisconsin Icon fabric of the Moda Wisconsin Shop Hop Fabric. Nine special images celebrate all that is Wisconsin, with accompanying theme fabric surrounding the images.


I call this version of Gatherings The Happy Quilt. It contains a collection of joyous fabrics that gave long arm quilter Marcia Wachuta of Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting ( opportunity to play with a different quilting pattern in each block.


Play up the pattern printed on the fabric, or create your own quilting design. It is your chance to play.


Gatherings Pattern: $7.00 plus $1.50 shipping


Quick Gifts Tote Bag:

Quick Gifts Tote Bag

This Tote Bag is sure to become a staple in your tote bag collection. Roomy and loaded with pockets, the shoulder tote makes a wonderful gift item, and can be whipped up in no time.

$5.00 plus $1.50 shipping


Casserole Carrier:

Casserole Carrier

This casserole carrier is the perfect accessory for all your pot luck dinner needs. The batting keeps your dish warm or cool, as needed, while you transport it in ease. This makes a great gift for that hard-to-stitch-for person on your list, and best of all, it works up in a jiffy!

$5.00 plus $1.50 shipping


The Bog Coat Pattern:

group bog bog coat

The Bog Coat (a pattern format reprint of the out-of-print book Beyond the Bog Coat)

This coat adapts to any shape. Starting with a basic rectangle whose dimensions are determined by how long you want the coat to be and how wide it needs to be to go around you, the Bog Coat becomes a classic reversible garment that adapts to a wide variety of patchwork embellishments, including Seminole, curved striping, piping, and applique overlays. You determine the size by your measurements. This is a great coat for adults and children alike.

$7.00 plus $1.50 shipping


Stacked Bricks Pattern:

Stacked Bricks

Stacked Bricks (a pattern for the cover quilt on the Scrap Bonanza 1 book, which is now out of print.) This is one of the best patterns for scrap quilts you will ever find. It is quick and easy, and is a terrific way to utilize your scraps. Plus, it comes with directions for a second quilt also made out of the 'bricks'. That's two quilts in one pattern!

$7.00 plus $1.50 shipping


Out of Print Books by Linda Halpin

*1855 The Wedding Quilt published 1995

1855 The Wedding Quilt Cover

...a present to E. Frank from her Aunt M. Frank
Elizabeth Frank Born 1831 Died 1922
Married Joseph Cooper January 18, 1855
Moreland, NY

This is what I found in the winter of 1975 on a quilt I was gathering for a Bicentennial Quilt Exhibit. Little did I know that years later this quilt would send me on a quest into the past, a quest to find out more about mysteries known only to this quilt. The Wedding Quilt explores not only the quilt's pattern, but also the life of the quiltmaker and the times she lived in.

*Scrap Bonanza! 2 - for - 1 Quilts published 1994

Scrap Bonanza Cover

Scrap Bonanza takes a new look at how scrap quilts are made. Rather than cutting out prescribed numbers of specific templates, speed piecing techniques are used to create wonderful scrap quilts, using the leftover cut-aways to make a second quilt that totally different from the first. That's two quilts for the price of one!

*Beyond the Bog Coat published 1993

Beyond the Bog Coat Cover

A clothing design workbook: Oh so simple, this coat adapts to any shape. Starting with a basic rectangle whose dimensions are determined by how long you want the coat to be and how wide it needs to be to go around you, the Bog Coat becomes a classic reversible garment that adapts to a wide variety of patchwork embellishments, including Seminole, curved striping, piping, and applique overlays.

Ordering Information: Although Beyond the Bog Coat is out of print, I have reissued the Bog Coat in pattern format, which can be ordered directly from me by clicking on this link.

*Applique a la Mode published 1992

Applique a la Mode Cover

A must for makers of Baltimore Album style quilts: Applique a la Mode takes its name from the popular class series that I teach to lovers of applique. This 32 page treasure includes miniatures and blocks reminiscent of Baltimore Album Quilts. A three dimensional blossoms workbook with woven baskets, sawtooth edgings, and history, this book is a scrumptious treat in which quilt lovers just have to indulge themselves!

*Patches of Time published 1991

Patches of Time Cover

Patches of Time gives historical perspective to the rich legacy of quiltmaking in America. Tracing quilting to its popular origins as a means of protection and survival in cold weather, while serving as a powerful medium of artistic expression, learn how quilting reflects the folklore and traditions of our culture. The history and folklore of some of quilting's favorite patterns is explored, including the stories behind the patterns, as well as quilting motifs, finishing techniques, and yardage charts for crib through queen size quilts

*Unfortunately, my publisher's warehouse burned to the ground during the summer of 1999 and remaining copies of my first five books were lost in the fire. The good news is that no one was injured. The bad news is that these books are now out-of print. I continue to list them in my portfolios because several quilt guilds as well as public libraries have copies of them in their collections, and you may enjoy them that way. Many of the books also show up on 'out of print book searches' on the internet, where used copies may be found.

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