Skill Building Techniques

Rather than teaching a specific project, these classes focus on teaching a technique that will improve your quiltmaking skills. These classes are good for any level of prior quiltmaking experience.

Beginning Hand Applique Half Day 3 hours


This skill-building class is designed with the beginner in mind. The stitch I use is different from the one most commonly taught in hand applique. It is my favorite applique stitch because it gives such lovely results. This technique takes the fear out of applique. Not only is it easy to do, but it results in invisible stitches. Try you hand at Applique with this charming little piece that we will do in a half day class. This is also the stitch I use on my quilt bindings.

Proficiency: All levels

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Beginning Hand Piecing Half Day 3 hours

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There is something very relaxing about the feel of fabric in your hands as it transforms into a pieced block. Geared with the beginner in mind, discover the joy of hand piecing in this basic beginning class. Learn how to make hand piecing templates, how to mark and cut fabric, and how to work your way through block construction.

Proficiency: This class is for those who want to try their hand at hand piecing. No prior experience needed.

Borders Half Day 3 hours

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Are you ready to change how you think about borders? How you frame your quilt can be so much more than just four strips of fabric added to the edges. This class explores everything from how wide to make them to deciding what style border best suits your quilt by examining dozens of variations on border treatments. Learn how to miter the corners of your borders, how to preventing wavy borders, and how to work with border prints. Quilt shown here is just one of over 30 different border options you will see in this class.

NOTE: This class covers borders, not bindings. For a class on bindings, check out 'Finishing', listed below.

Proficiency: All levels

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Fabric Selection Made Easy Half Day 3 hours


One of the most challenging parts of making a quilt is choosing the fabrics. This class will change the way you think about fabric and shed new light on the process of selecting fabric for your projects. There is no sewing in this class. The focus is totally on learning about fabrics and how to decide what fabrics go well together and why. Bring 3" squares of 20 different fabrics (cut 2 each, for a total of 40 squares). We will share the squares everyone brings, and use them to illustrate a Fabric Selection notebook that will serve as a valuable reference tool.

Good for any level of quiltmaking expertise. Covers ideas on how to make exciting fabric combinations. There is no sewing in this workshop. These skills will translate into all of your future quiltmaking adventures.

Proficiency: All levels. Covers ideas on how to make exciting fabric combinations. Works well in a shop situation where students may put their new-found knowledge to work in the hands-on exercises.

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Finishing: Binding Techniques Half Day 3 hours


How you bind your quilt is just as important as all the techniques that went into the construction of the quilt itself.

Focus on the techniques needed to create a well crafted binding on the edges of your quilts. This class is a combination of demonstrations and hands-on stitching that will teach elements of binding. Learn how to make a quilt that does not ripple on the edges, proper blocking, making continuous binding, how to miter binding corners, and how to blend the beginning and end of your binding without lumps.

Proficiency: All levels

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Mastering Hand Quilting: The Stab Stitch Half-Day 3 hours


This class is very different from the traditional running stitch method of quilting, and I think gives much better results. I begin as if you are new to the topic, and together we explore the world of poke-pull (or stab stitch) quilting. I will teach you how poke-pull quilting allows you to make quilting stitches that are straight and even, and look the same on the front of the quilt as they do on the back. No more calluses, no more sore fingers, and no need for a thimble, poke-pull quilting is especially good for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or limited flexibility due to mastectomies.

Learn how to transfer the design onto your quilt top, how to prepare your layers for quilting, and how to do a truly lovely quilting stitch.

Proficiency: All levels

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NOTE: For a follow-up on this class, see Refining Your Stab Stitch below.

Quilt Pattern Design Workshop Full Day 5½ - 6 hours

quilt design

Don't be limited only to quilting stencils, patterns in books, or those dreaded words 'quilt as desired'. Learn how to draft your own quilting designs that fit the spaces you need to fill. Elegant feathered wreaths, border designs, and corner motifs that flow smoothly around the corners are all covered in this class. There is no stitching in this workshop. It is a day of learning to draft patterns that can be used for hand or machine quilting.

Proficiency: All levels. No prior drawing skills are required. Learn how to design feathered wreaths, borders, lattices, and corner motifs.

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What Quilting Pattern Goes Where Half-Day 3 hours

Quilting transforms the quilt. You spent hours picking colors, choosing fabrics, and constructing the quilt top. The choice of a quilting pattern deserves the same care. This discussion course helps you to decide what type of quilting best enhances your quilt, whether by hand or machine, traditional or contemporary. Students are encouraged to bring quilt tops they'd like help with.

Proficiency: All levels

Class Handout Fee


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