Color and Design Workshops

Color and Design Full Day: 6 hours No stitching in this workshop

color and design

Approach color and design from a quilter's point of view. This course includes basic elements of color, techniques for putting colors and fabrics together, and several design methods geared for those who cannot draw. Get hands-on experience by beginning a color and design workbook containing tips and tricks that are geared to quilters working with fabrics. No artistic skills necessary.

Proficiency: All levels

Class Handout Fee

Fabric Selection Made Easy Half Day: 3 hours


One of the most challenging parts of making a quilt is choosing the fabrics. This class will change the way you think about fabric and shed new light on the process of selecting fabric for your projects. There is no sewing in this class, so no heavy equipment to bring. What you will bring with you are 3" squares of 20 different fabrics (cut 2 each, for a total of 40 squares). We will share the squares everyone brings, and use them to illustrate a Fabric Selection notebook that will serve as a valuable reference tool.

Good for any level of quiltmaking expertise. Covers ideas on how to make exciting fabric combinations. There is no sewing in this workshop. These skills will translate into all of your future quiltmaking adventures.

Proficiency: All levels. Covers ideas on how to make exciting fabric combinations. Works well in a shop situation where students may put their new-found knowledge to work in the hands-on exercises.

Class Handout Fee


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