All programs are one hour in duration, and have been updated with the addition of new slides and accompanying script.

1 x 1: A Trunk Show of Quilts Using 1 inch x 1 inch Squares


With the publication of my first Scrap Bonanza book, I became fascinated with what one could do with the tiny scraps that were cut away and thrown out in the construction process of quiltmaking. Making inventive used of these cutaways has become a trademark of my scrap quilts. By doing an extra line of stitching on these units before the excess is cut off, the cutaways become pre-sewn units that can be used to make what I call Bonus Quilts.

Truly nothing goes to waste as these diminuative 1 inch x 1 inch pieced squares transform into dozens of patchwork possibilities. Enjoy viewing dozens of quilts that will show just how you can transform tiny bits of cloth that would have otherwise been discarded. It will change the way you think about how you construct quilts.

Format: Trunk show of quilts from my personal collection.

Borders on Parade


You will want to bring a camera to this one! Borders are not just to make your quilt bigger! Over 3 dozen quilts will be shown, all with different border treatments for your consideration. How you frame your quilt can be so much more than just four strips of fabric added to the edges. This program explores the wide range of possibilities for border treatments by examining dozens of variations on border treatments. How wide to make borders and lattices as well as making edges that don't ripple are just a few of the topics to be covered.

Format: Slide presentation accompanied by a trunk show, examining dozens of variations on border treatments.

Finetuning Your Quiltmaking Skills


The most requested thing students have asked for is how to make more time to do what they love. It all goes back to using your time efficiently, from how you organize your workspace to how you stitch your fabric. Included in this presentation are tips on how to improve your cutting, pressing, piecing, and organizational skills, all resulting in better quilts overall. There are lots of ideas you are going to want to jot down!

To cap it off, enjoy a trunk show of quilts to get your creative juices flowing!

Format: Lecture, trunk show

Linda Halpin Retrospective: Over 40 years of Quiltmaking


As a certified quiltmaking instructor, I have experience in a broad range of quiltmaking techniques. Join me for a trunk show of my quilts, from Hand Quilted Applique Quilts to Scrap Quilts with a Bonus, from Reproduction Quilts to Little House on the Prairie Themed Quilts. It is a treasure trove of quilts you are sure to enjoy.

Format: Trunk show of over 50 quilts.

Quilting with Laura Ingalls Wilder


Children and adults alike continue to be fascinated by the engaging tales of the Little House books, made even more popular by the Little House on the Prairie television series. In an age when people had to make do to survive, quilting played a natural role. Mentioning quilting and other forms of hand sewing over 70 times in her books, quilting was definitely part of the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

From her first sewing lessons on Nine Patch quilts, to the quilts of the 1930s-1940s when she wrote her Little House books, this presentation is a treasure trove of quilts.

Explore the changing quilt styles during Laura's lifetime.

Format: Lecture, trunk show

This presentation has been updated for 2019 to include a new variety of quilts and information.

Quiltmaking in Civil War America


When the War came, it was the women who kept home and family together. They journaled their lives through their daily work, their quilts being one of the most enduring legacies. The fabrics they used, as well as the patterns they made, tell the stories of their lives in ways that history books never could. Explore quilts prior to the War, and see how the War itself changed the look of quilting.

Format: Use of single slide projector, as well as trunk show of quilts.

Thinking Outside The Box

Nothing sparks your creativity like thinking outside the box. This presentation is chock full of tips on improving your construction techniques, unconventional tools, how to make the best use of your time, and more. I also share ideas on how to organize an efficient workspace with tons of storage. Whether you have the luxury of having a separate room for your sewing area, or it is a corner of your dining room, this program will be sure to give you ideas you can use.

And because no program would be complete without quilts, this presentation includes a trunk show of over two dozen quilts.

Format: Lecture, trunk show

What Judges Look For

Printed handouts provide a listing of elements judges look for when evaluating quilts. Hands-on samples show problem areas to watch out for. Differences between judged and juried shows are discussed. Whether you ever plan to submit a piece for evaluation or not, topics covered in this lecture provide a valuable growth chart for measuring your own quiltmaking skills.

Included is information on how to block your quilt. It is the one finishing step that is often overlooked, and is the step that separates the show stoppers from the crowd.

Format: Lecture, with hands-on samples. Questions encouraged. Trunk show of quilts will follow the presentation.

What Scrap Quilts Have Taught Me


Scrap quilts can be so much more than just stitching together any old piece of fabric. They are the tapestry that draws us in with their ever-changing array of pattern and color. Sure, they use up lots of fabrics, but what I did not realize was all the things I would learn from Scrap Quilts.

Come with me as I explore scrap quilts, both antique and modern, and share what scrap quilts have taught me.

Format: Use of single slide projector, as well as trunk show of quilts.


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