Quilting Workshop

Mastering Hand Quilting: The Stab Stitch Half-Day 3 hours


This class is very different from the traditional running stitch method of quilting, and I think gives much better results. I begin as if you are new to the topic, and together we explore the world of poke-pull (or stab stitch) quilting. I will teach you how poke-pull quilting allows you to make quilting stitches that are straight and even, and look the same on the front of the quilt as they do on the back. No more calluses, no more sore fingers, and no need for a thimble, poke-pull quilting is especially good for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or limited flexibility due to mastectomies.

Learn how to transfer the design onto your quilt top, how to prepare your layers for quilting, and how to do a truly lovely quilting stitch.

Proficiency: All levels

Class Handout Fee


To receive information on fees, travel arrangements, and scheduling, e-mail me at wihalpin@mwt.net, or write to me at:

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