Lap Frames


I hand quilt using a method called poke pull (or stab stitch) It involves using a lap frame, which is similar to an oversized embroidery hoop that has been mounted on a stand that allows you to position the frame on your lap and gives both hands free to do the quilting.

With the poke pull method, one hand is placed above the frame and one hand is placed below, with the needle being passed back and forth between hands. The advantage of this type of quilting is that it not only allows you to create stitches that look the same on the front as they do on the back, but it is much less stressful on your fingers, hands, and wrists. No more calluses, no more sore fingers, and no need for a thimble.

This method of quilting is especially good for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel (and helps avoid developing carpal tunnel), and limited flexibility due to mastectomies.

My Mastering Hand Quilting class is one of my most popular. In it, students learn how to transfer a quilting design onto their quilt top in addition to the tricks of how to position your needle and your hands in order to accomplish the poke pull method. I have hand quilted quilts of all sizes this way for over 40 years and wouldn't think of doing it any other way.

The tool that makes it all possible is a Lap Frame. I have a local artisan who is now making the lap frames that I recommend for the poke-pull technique of quilting that I teach. He does a wonderful job on them and students who have purchased them are extremely satisfied.

Similar frames found online retail for upwards of $130. I am able to offer these 14" lap frames for $65 (includes sales tax) plus $20 shipping and handling. Frames may also be picked up in class, saving the shipping and handling charge.


To pick up your Lap Frame in class, notify me ahead of time so I may bring it to you. Note that I am not set up for charge cards or paypal. Frames may be purchased by check or cash. To have your order shipped to you by mail, please provide the following:

Send to:
Linda Halpin
105 Wildwood Court
Boscobel, WI 53805