Hand Applique Workshops

Applique Perfection Full Day 5½ - 6 hours


This class starts with the basics of learning how to make an invisible applique stitch, how to create crisp points, and how to achieve smooth curves. It then continues with two terrific methods for creating narrow stems and perfect circles. All combine beautifully in the classic Rose of Sharon Applique block. This class gives the novice valuable grounding in applique, as well as the more proficient stitcher a review of basic techniques.

Proficiency: Hand Applique All levels. A good follow up to the Beginning Hand Applique class, although taking the Beginning Hand Applique class is not a pre-requisite.

Class Handout Fee

Baltimore Album Techniques Half Day 3 hours or Full Day 5½ - 6 hours


Explore the glorious richness of Baltimore Album Quilts in this one day trip into the world of three-dimensional applique. Fabric blooms as it is gathered, pleated, ruched, and folded to create blossoms beyond compare. Half day version includes a kit fee.

Half Day class is a sampler of techniques. Full Day version includes more floral techniques.

Proficiency: Hand Applique All levels

Class Handout Fee

Beginning Hand Applique Half Day 3 hours


This skill-building class is designed with the beginner in mind. The stitch I use is different from the one most commonly taught in hand applique. It is my favorite applique stitch because it gives such lovely results. This technique takes the fear out of applique. Not only is it easy to do, but it results in invisible stitches. Try you hand at Applique with this charming little piece that we will do in a half day class. This is also the stitch I use on my quilt bindings.

Proficiency: All levels

Class Handout Fee

Broderie Perse (Chintz Applique) Full Day 5½ - 6 hours

broderie perse

Come travel to a time when quiltmaking took on an elegance never before known. The motifs on newly discovered printed fabrics were cut apart, rearranged on a new ground fabric, and appliqued in place, stretching one yard of the precious fabric to cover an entire quilt. This technique known as broderie perse adapts beautifully to today's printed fabrics. Class project: Wall Hanging

Proficiency: Hand Applique All levels

Class Kits provide correct fabric for technique; price upon request.

Celtic Applique Half Day 3 hours


Learn invisible applique stitchery as you explore the intrigue of narrow bias strips that twist and curl forming an interlocking design, seemingly with no beginning and no end. Reminiscent of Gordian knot configurations, these patterns are shaped with bias tubes formed with the use of bias press bars (wait till you see what I use for the bias press bars!). Students will work on an 8" block, learning how to interweave the strips and stitch with a stitch that is truly invisible. The stem technique is also the one I use when making narrow stems in applique blocks and borders. The applique stitch is the one I use for all my applique and for invisible stitching on binding. You will love it!

Proficiency: Hand Applique All levels

Class Handout Fee includes fabrics

Celtic Applique Moroccan Style Full Day 5½ - 6 hours


The bias press bars that make Celtic interweaving so easy join forces with traditional applique to create this original piece inspired by my trip to Morocco. It reflects the scrolled ironwork, carved marble plaster work, and mosaic intricacy seen on my travels. Techniques covered in this workshop are ideal for perfecting your points and circles.

Proficiency: Hand Applique. Prior experience in applique will allow students to proceed with unusual techniques, but is not a prerequisite. Some techniques involve manipulation of small pieces of cloth.

Class Handout Fee

Hawaiian Applique Full Day 5½ - 6 hours


The lacy elegance of paper snowflakes is translated into fabric in this applique technique indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands. Surround a 12" central motif with an elegant appliqued border. The resulting 24" piece is stunning by itself, or spectacular as the central medallion for your next quilt.

Proficiency: Hand Applique All levels

Class Handout Fee

Prairie Lilies Scrap Quilt Full Day: 6 hours


Applique combines with piecing in this one day workshop. Joyous colors combine to create Prairie Lilies, constructed in my two-for-one technique. Piecing in this method creates cutaways that are ready to go into a bonus quilt, so you are actually making two quilts at the same time. Make use of every bit of fabric. It is such fun! Students start with how to choose and combine fabrics for a quilt, giving valuable fabric selection skills that can apply to your future quiltmaking. This is followed with my two-for-one piecing method, then adorn with applique, utilizing a very nifty stem technique. In addition to the Prairie Lilies quilt, students will also be making a bonus quilt out of the cutaways.

Proficiency: Hand Applique, Machine Piecing: All levels

Class Handout Fee


To receive information on fees, travel arrangements, and scheduling, e-mail me at wihalpin@mwt.net, or write to me at:

105 Wildwood Court
Boscobel, WI 53805